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Modifié 10 Janvier 2007 14:57:18

Des explications, en anglais, pour installer l'atelier de reprise de données ( = LSMW), sur la version 4.6D de minisap.


Vous trouverez plus bas les explications, en anglais. En téléchargeant la nouvelle version ABAP se trouvant sur www.sdn.sap.com, LSMW est déjà présent.

Cela étant dit, les exigences techniques de cette nouvelle version, plus d'1 Go de mémoire vive,... méritent que l'on essaye d'installer lsmw sur la version 4.6D.



To install LSMW on mini basis you need a little luck, patience and to read the documents that SAP supply. 'LSMW180_HowTo_e.doc' from www.service.sap.com/lsmw, OSS note 449270 from www.service.sap.com/notes, and two documents from the kernel disc, 'mini_doc.htm' and 'mbs_patch1.zip\readme.txt'.

The first thing we need to do is set up mini basis to have a transport system. This is as per 'mini_doc.htm'.
• Log on as user DDIC.
• Call transaction SE38 and execute program MR3_TMS_CONFIG. You should respond NO to the popup if you have already created any transports.
• Using the editor <MBS_DIR>\sappad.exe change the profile <MBS_DIR>\MBS_D00.pfl.
Configure one background process by setting the parameter rdisp/wp_no_btc = 1. An alternative is to use transaction RZ10, import the profiles, go:- Utilities -> Import profiles -> Of active servers. Then update the profile MBS_D00, extended maintenance.
• Restart the SAP system MBS.
• Execute program RDDNEWPP (transaction SE38), which schedules the background job RDDIMPDP.

We now need to correct the errors that the transport system has.
• Go to transaction STMS to correct the transport configuration. Go:- Overview -> Systems, then select the MBS line and view it (SAP system -> display). On the TRANSPORT TOOL tab change the entry for TRANSDIR to the physical path on your system e.g. C:\MBS\trans. Save and return one level then go to:- Extras -> Distribute TMS configuration. (For some reason without this change the tp command cannot find the right directory). (you could try '..\' or '..').
• Using the editor <MBS_DIR>\sappad.exe change the profile <MBS_DIR>\DEFAULT.pfl. Add the message server host rdisp/msserv = sapmsMBS. This fixes the errors when importing a transport. Read OSS note 449270 for more details. Again you could use transaction RZ10.
• Restart the SAP system MBS.
• Execute program RDDNEWPP (transaction SE38), which schedules the background job RDDIMPDP.

Now download the appropriate version of LSMW, 'LSMW180.car' from
www.service.sap.com/lsmw to your computer. Now we follow the instructions from the document 'LSMW180_HowTo_e.doc' but these are for a Unix operating system so we work out how to translate them by reading the 'mbs_patch1.zip\readme.txt' document.
One of the commands that we will need is the 'CAR' command. To get this copy the file 'E:\R3SETUP\SAPCAR.exe' from your kernel disc to your MBS directory.

Now we are ready to start.
• Start up mini basis and logon as DDIC. Check that RDDIMPDP is released, System -> services -> Jobs -> Job overview (enter '*' in the "start after event" field). If not execute the program RDDNEWPP.
• Start up another Dos prompt window and change the directory to your MBS one; Cd <MBS_DIR>
• Run the command to set the database environment; Dbenv.cmd
• Change directory to the 'trans' one; cd trans
• Unpack the archive file named LSMW180.car ; ..\sapcar.exe -xvf <DIR>\lsmw180.car
• Switch to directory <MBS_DIR>\trans\bin; cd bin
• Import the transport request (U46K001009 is the request for LSMW 1.8.0); ..\..\tp.exe addtobuffer U46K001009 MBS pf=TP_DOMAIN_MBS.pfl
..\..\tp.exe import U46K001009 MBS pf=TP_DOMAIN_MBS.pfl

The whole import step took about 45 minutes to an hour.

While we wait for this to run create a text file with the contents;
client cascade = yes
file = '<MBS_DIR>\trans\data\R001009.U46'
including 'R3TRTABU'
including 'R3TRTDAT'
and save it as 'LSMW.cmd'. When the import step has competed we distribute the authorisation profiles by running this command;
..\..\r3trans.exe -u 1 <DIR>\LSMW.cmd

Now go to transaction SU01 and add the appropriate authorisations for DDIC and BCUSER etc. Log off and log back on for them to take effect. YOU'RE DONE!


10 Janvier 2007 14:56:30 yann SZWEC

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   installation de LSMW sur minisap version 4.6D
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